Igniting FDI from M&A activities

Geopolitical and financial difficulties, as well as global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, have been affected this year. However, according to a 2022 report by Bain & Company, private equity funds in Asia are at a record high of $650 billion.

In Vietnam, private equity funds (PE Fund and Venture Capital) have continued to grow strongly in the first months of this year, despite instability in the capital market and bad debt. This is seen as the main driving force behind the acceleration of the M&A market in the coming time. With GDP growth forecast to reach 8% this year, Vietnam is seen as a bright spot for attracting foreign investment. M&A activity is also expected to soon pick up again. So what are the opportunities for the Vietnamese market?

Today’s Vietnam Integration program will give you a clear picture of last year’s M&A activity as well as new opportunities from M&A in attracting foreign investment in the coming time.

(Broadcasted by VTC)

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Binh Le Vandekerckove, founder & CEO of ASART Deal Advisory
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