2. Department: Firm-wide
3. Contract type: Full-time
4. Description:


We are offering an unique opportunity to be part of our team to drive our growth and success.  You will work directly with our senior staff and managers across business challenges, transactions, and other home-grown initiatives with tremendous support from your colleagues and managers.

You must have strong understanding of and passion for business and finance and be able to learn quick and execute some aspects of projects, participate to a great company culture, provide outstanding reflection of what you learn, establish a great working relationship with clients and all stakeholders and directly work toward our vision.


  • Knowledgeable in business, finance, accounting, tax and legal.
  • Minimum 6 years of relevant, excellent, and proven experience.
  • MBA, Master and/or Bachelor of Business Administration, equivalent or relevant discipline.
  • CFA, ACCA, CPA and/or equivalent qualifications is a plus.
  • Excellent communication (both in English and Vietnamese) with high emotional intelligence and public speaking skills.
  • Strong understanding of result-driven principles and best management practices.
  • Strong analytical abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Able to work effectively in a result-oriented environment and under high pressure.
  • Willing to take risks with a start-up spirit and work extra to be the fastest, strongest and best team.
  • Strong sense of ownership and purposes.
  • Ability to keep all work-related matters strictly confidential.
  • Free from conflict of interests.


  • Have a clear understanding of who we are and our services.
  • Demonstrate excellence, professionalism, responsibility, and integrity always.
  • Manage risks and always protect our brand name and reputation.
  • Adhere to company’s SOP, policies, risk management and administration requirements.
  • Identify business opportunities and relationships and develop into long-term growth.
  • Act as relationship Vice President for opportunities and projects from the beginning to the end.
  • Assist Directors in business administration and management missions.
  • Work closely with team members to lead most aspects of small to medium-sized projects under the guidance of senior colleagues.
  • When in doubt or need support, seek for advice and guidance from our firm.
  • Work closely with everyone to achieve common goals, assigned tasks and missions including but not limited to:
    • In-depth research to provide data and information.
    • Write reports for internal team and clients.
    • Prepare marketing materials and pitching books.
    • Analyze data and information for decision making.
    • Build models and spreadsheets for decision making.
    • Monitor business news and topics.
    • Keep up to date with relevant legal and tax regulations.
    • Understand financial information, accounts and data.
    • Understand wider business matters such as economic data and political events.
    • Understand economic trends and evaluation of investment potentials.
    • Make recommendations.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive compensation and benefits.
  • Performance bonuses (project and firm-wide).
  • Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP) for qualified employees.
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