To lead is to serve. To enjoy privilege is to take responsibility. Leadership is a daunting role that not many can master. It is a lifelong learning topic that I’m still a student every day.  

What an interesting opportunity to go back to where I studied more than a decade ago to speak about #leadership through my lenses. RMIT University Vietnam is doing an incredible work in staying relevant, connecting with industry leaders, and preparing students for life.  

I shared with the students a few interactive slides (several are attached although it cannot be seen well here) and 3 key points: 

  1. Don’tbe afraid of competition. If someone can do something better, let them do. Go do something else that cannot be done by others.
  2. Passion is not about enjoy doing what is easy and convenience. Passion is about keep doing what makes you find meaningful despite occasional tears. Passion is working through that “cheap” salary, sleepless nights, and constant hardship to achieve the results you have envisioned.
  3. Identify your life purpose and values. Live by them and you will not get lost again.
  4. Last but not least, be a leader, a leader or get out of the way. If you want easy, then do something easy, and enjoy the easy pleasure; if you want to be something greater than yourself, do something exciting, and enjoy the rolling coaster ride. If you are unsure, take a break and come backwhenyou are sure. Don’t waste your time and other people’s time.  
  5. Nothing great comes easy. We all know this but so easy to forget.

Binh Le
CEO & Head Of M&A and Strategy ASART Deal Advisory 

Vice President

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