Being The Last Person

As a student, I was always the last person who did the review and final submission to our teachers.  

As an employee (starting my first official job at 20.5 years old), I was always the last person or among the last group who help to put everything together or did the review and final submission to our clients.  

Today, I’m still the last person who put things together, review and do the final check to ensure the quality of work we deliver to our clients. I genuinely care about my clients, genuinely worry whether we can deliver not just as we promise but even more than that, and genuinely hope that our work will create significant value to our clients.  

If you want to know someone’s level of passion, commitment, responsibility, and reliability ask them how frequent they have ever been the last person or among the last group of people who stay until the last minutes and make sure the work is delivered more than as promised. I love what I do and how spending the last minutes fine tuning the quality of our work gives me the fulfillment.  

However, it is time for me to enjoy another form of fulfillment and look for that someone who demonstrates the highest level of commitment and quality that I can completely trust and delegate. It will be a long way to go, but this is a good timing. 

Binh Le

CEO & Head Of M&A and Strategy ASART Deal Advisory 

Vice President

1. Title: VICE PRESIDENT2. Department: Firm-wide3. Contract type: Full-time4. Description: Introduction We are offering an unique opportunity to be part of our team to drive

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