Corporate finance is one of the most important subjects in business. How to raise capital (capital financing) and how to use that capital (capital investment) effectively in order to maximize shareholder value through long-term and short-term financial planning and strategy implementation is the backbone of every organization.

Capital financing answers the questions on equity, debt, or a hybrid of both. Capital investment concerns with capital budgeting, capital expenditures, future cash flows, and investment returns. Besides, short-term financial management is the liquidity to carry out continuing operation, which includes meeting current liability obligations, getting additional credit lines or establishing back-up liquidity plans.

At ASART, we help our clients in governing and overseeing their firms’ capital financing and capital investment decisions while ensuring short-term financial management. Our key corporate finance advisory services include mergers & acquisitions (more details on our M&A advisory services here), holistic financial performance review and diagnose, independent valuation, financial restructuring, corporate governance, and management leasing.

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